Pressure Relieve Valves

    Pressure Relieve Valves For single and small three phase distribution transformers
  • Size ¼” BSP/NPT
  • Every valve tested for operating and resealing pressure
  • Complete kit with accessories washers and nuts included
  • Operating pressure from 5psi (0.35 bar) to 15psi (1.05 bar)
    Pressure Relieve Valves For distribution transformers
  • Sizes 1”, 1 1/2 “ and 2 BSP (ISO thread)
  • Every valve is individually calibrated for operation and resealing
  • Operating pressure from 0.20 bar (20Kpa) to 0.70 bar (70Kpa) factory preset
  • Available in forged brass / aluminum body
    Pressure Relieve Valves For small power transformers
  • Size 50 & 80 mm with/without single/double switches
  • Optional direction cover
  • Online computerized certificate for each unit
  • Leakage test at 80% of operating pressure on each unit
  • All stainless steel, brass and aluminum construction
    Pressure Relieve Valves For power transformers
  • Size 150 mm with single or double switches
  • Optional direction shroud
  • Top cover/side switch mounting options
  • Fully computerized certificate for each unit